Dynamic Wrapper Setup Instructions

If you use Wordpress for your website the Dynamic Wrapper will eliminate the need to regularly update your IDX wrapper whenever you make a change to your website. The Dynamic Wrapper always keeps your IDX pages up-to-date so that they always match the rest of your website design. This is especially useful if you make frequent changes your site, or if you have a "Recent Posts" widget in the sidebar, or a date on the website that needs to always reflect today's date.

(NOTE: Any other CMS that also uses absolute links in the source code and includes header and footer content dynamically can also use the Dynamic Wrapper.)

Your Wrapper settings are stored in your IDX account under Designs in the main menu, and Wrappers in the submenu.

Step 1 - Create the template

Create a new Page in Wordpress. Title the page with something that will be appropriate for all your IDX pages. Do NOT add this new page to your navigation menu.

Step 2 - Add the Start/Stop tags

Paste the following code into the body of this new page (make sure you're using the "Text" (HTML) view and not "Visual" view):

    <div id="idxStart"></div>
    <div id="idxStop"></div>

Save and publish your changes. View your new page in a browser. If no changes are needed, copy the URL of your new page from the address bar.

Step 3 - Save in the Control Panel

In the IDX Control Panel go to the Designs button and the Wrappers section. Chose which wrapper you would like to work with, Global, Categories, Pages, or Saved Links, and choose Dynamic as the type of wrapper. 

For more information about the Global Wrapper see this article.
For more information about Category, Page, and Saved Link wrappers see this article.

Paste your URL into the Dynamic URL field. Make sure not to duplicate the http://

Click the 'Save Changes' button and you're done! View one of your IDX Page Links to see your new wrapper in action.

If your wrapper is not functioning, check this article for some common solutions.

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